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Advanced Physiotherapy: Change of service

Sue Simpson’s Advanced Physiotherapy Clinic no longer operates at Skypark, but all existing patients can continue using the service at the Burnside clinic. For more information and appointments please contact Sue via the following methods:

Tel : 0141 613 3683 (Appointment Line)
(Be ready to leave message with your name/contact no and Sue will call you back later same day or within 24hrs)

Text: 07817 110 171
(Text as opposed to mobile is on silent, not answered when treating patients)
(She will get back to patients looking for appointments later same day or within 24hrs)

Email :
Via Web form on
or by direct

(Please LIKE the PAGE and LIKE/SHARE the posts and leave feedback.)
(it all helps to spread the work to others who may benefit from this form of very effective treatment)

Terms and conditions including costs are on the website.

Note : Skypark discounts are no longer applicable, unless a treatment was started at Skypark and treatment is ongoing, rate is agreed by prior agreement. 

A new clinic will open in Perth in January, Sue will be there 2 days a week.

It will be staffed by another experienced Physiotherapist (trained in Sue’s Advanced Techniques) and an experienced Massage Therapist who also does some advanced techniques.

Announcements will be made on facebook and twitter closer to the time. The local Perth number is 01738 481481.

Note: All appointments need to be pre-booked, appointments on the day, within 24-48hrs or during that week are always subject to availability and ususally the week is booked up ahead.

Urgent requests for prompt appointments are catered for if there are any cancellations with advance 24hrs notice.