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Find your Office to let in Glasgow

Whatever your needs, we have the space to suit you and your business. From non–fitted floors with 360 degree views of Glasgow, to high quality furnished suites and managed offices, we can provide a solution for you.

With Skypark you can choose a base to suit you, with all of our options including our five-star service that your staff and clients will enjoy. Contact us for more information and to arrange a tour; one of our agents would be delighted to show you around.


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  • Lease Type:
  • Ideal Team Size:
  • Hours of Access:
  • Private Amenities:
  • Skypark Service:
  • Personalisation:

Managed Suites

Need some work space to get your business off the ground? Then a Skypark Managed Suite is ideal to set up and go. Fully fitted. Flexible lease. One rental figure: it's walk in and go! Accessed via the main reception at Skypark One, Skypark Managed Suites include a Concierge Service, on-site coffee shop and a shared Meeting Room.
  • Monthly Licence
  • 1 – 10 people
  • 24/7
  • No
  • Included
  • No customisation

Furnished Spaces

Looking for something to walk straight into? Our furnished office spaces in Glasgow are ready-to-go with furniture, private meeting rooms, kitchen and broadband. All you need to do is add the people.
  • Annual Lease
  • 10 – 30 people
  • 24/7
  • Yes
  • Included
  • Limited customisation.

Blank Canvas Offices

Our blank canvas offices are exactly that: unfurnished office spaces in Glasgow ready for you to create exactly what you need.
  • Multi Year Lease
  • Large teams looking for maximum privacy and customisation options
  • 24/7
  • Yes
  • Included
  • Full customisation – the space is yours!

Current Space Availability:

1 7/3 45 3,519 Blank Canvas Offices View Floor
1 6/6 25 1,380 Blank Canvas Offices View Floor
1 6/3 65 4,517 Blank Canvas Offices View Floor
1 4/3 65 4,191 Blank Canvas Offices View Floor
1 3/6 57 3,664 Blank Canvas Offices View Floor
1 3 8 764 Managed Suites View Floor
2 53 3,456 Blank Canvas Offices View Floor
3 4/2 30 2,137 Blank Canvas Offices View Floor
3 2/1 44 2,833 Blank Canvas Offices View Floor
3 1/1 44 2,979 Furnished Spaces View Floor
5 5 98 6,235 Blank Canvas Offices View Floor
5 4 98 6,321 Blank Canvas Offices View Floor

* These figures are based on a 1:6 SQ FT ratio.