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Bee Education Firm Finds New Home at Skypark!

Environmental Education firm Bee Friendly Schools has relocated 100,000 of its Scottish honey worker bees to Skypark in bustling Finnieston, after agreeing terms on a partnership that sees the firm’s bee educators working from their new premises and delivering a bee education outreach program.

The first ‘meet the bees’ tenant engagement session will take place on Wednesday 28th June with sessions available to the wider community. The bee education program is part of a sustainability investment initiative at Skypark, that includes a new growing space for Headstart Nursery which will double as an outdoor classroom providing new opportunities for learning.

Bee Friendly Schools delivers environmental and sustainability education programs to schools and community organisations throughout the UK; a non-profit education program delivered by The Good Bee Company.

Wade Ball of The Good Bee Company who will run the education programs and asset manage the new Hives in partnership with Skypark said: “As a UK-wide operation we deliver biodiversity improvement projects across the country but as Glasgow is home, it’s nice to showcase what bees can bring to a community right here in the city. Our work is centred on getting people involved in ecosystem restoration. Finding nature-based solutions underpin everything we do, and

in the post-covid workplace bringing people together and maximising productivity is something we are proud to help businesses do, in collaboration with the planet’s hardest workers.”

The partnership in bee education and the Nursery’s growing area are an ongoing investment at Skypark in sustainability, ecology, and biodiversity and the growing space enables children to learn by experience and be outdoors.

Skypark’s Strategic Lettings Advisor, Angela Higgins of Resonance Capital said: “We are excited to have four fully populated beehives on site and to share the initiative with the community. Our plans for the estate will increase our commitment to biodiverse areas, trees, and planting, and more external areas for our tenants and staff wellbeing. We are already ensuring that no waste goes to landfill, and everything here is recycled, composted, or sent for refused derived fuel.”

Gillian Robertson of Headstart Nursery said: “The growing space is hugely beneficial for learning, and we have planted lavender and flowering plants to attract our bees. Lessons include practical measuring, budgeting to buy seeds and plants, and how to grow vegetables and fruit. It is so important that the children understand where their food comes from. Through the Woodland Trust’s saplings initiative, we are learning how trees reduce pollution, provide homes for wildlife and increase our wellbeing.”

Skypark’s Centre Manager, Malcolm McFetridge said: “We are delighted to have our own population of bees and look forward to working with Wade to highlight their importance to the ecosystem. Our team work hard to minimise our impact on the environment and local biodiversity. Everything possible is recycled, reused, or repurposed and we use all neutral cleaning products. As we increase greening and biodiversity on site, our plans include making space for the new Woodlands Trust Trees and to move all our energy needs to renewable supplies with rainwater harvesting and solar panels on some roofs.”

The Meet the Bees Session for schools and businesses are 45 minutes for up to 14 people. To book please contact To find out more about Bee Friendly Schools and The Good Bee Company contact