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Chris Byrne – Fine Art Exhibition

This August, Chris Byrne a graduate of the Glasgow School of Art will bring the remnants of industry from Glasgow’s Clydeside to Skypark’s gallery walls, telling the stories of the many structures that once dominated the River and are now left behind.

Chris graduated with Honours in Fine Art: Painting and Printmaking in 2015, exhibited recently in The Cheese Grater Building, London and Glasgow’s Lighthouse. Chris said: “I view my work as relics and fragments of exploration; Painting, etching, drawing, photography and screen printing. Looking at the remnants of industry on Glasgow’s Clydeside, my work details the themes surrounding these contemporary ruins, from the aesthetics of decay, the reclaiming of the space by culture and nature to the themes of time, both past and an imagining of the future, when all that is left from our way of life is the shells of the structures we leave behind”.

He finished, “I hope to promote the importance of the ruin, something that I feel is overlooked in today’s society as these buildings are often hidden in plain sight. The collection aims to de-construct the boundaries set up in cities, to keep people away from investigating this captivating environment.”

Christopher Byrne is available for Commissions and works from his collection are available to buy. Please contact Chris directly by email or 07583 714238