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Cutting Edge Innovation and Collaboration Hub ‘thebeyond’ poised to open at Skypark

A thriving hub for cutting edge innovation and collaboration is poised to open at Skypark this July thanks to significant investment from owners Federated Hermes.  The new European technology hub created by Smart Things Accelerator Centre (STAC), enables Scottish Internet of Things (IoT) brands to compete globally.

Responsible investment manager Federated Hermes has invested £2.5m in the scale up and is applying its urban placemaking expertise to develop a major European technology centre on site, enabling STAC’s vision for ‘thebeyond’.  Linking closely with local universities as well as wider industry, the impact will be felt across the city.

Established at Skypark in 2014, product design company Filament PD laid the foundation for the Smart Things Accelerator Centre  (STAC) launching it in 2021 with the aim of nurturing Scottish technology start-ups through to becoming key players in a connected world.  Scotland is seeing great success in IoT with companies winning UK and international market share. Examples such as Utopi, Beingar, and iOpt in proptech, Krucial in space and satellite tech, and Kingdom technology in robotics. STAC is driving momentum and supporting a new generation of companies to follow suit.  ‘Thebeyond’ by STAC is supported by seasoned industry executives with careers spanning tech giants such as Volvo, Dyson, Motorola, Plexus, Blackberry and Meta.

This news follows the announcement of a new partnership between the UK Government, Glasgow City Council and STAC which aims to transform Glasgow into Europe’s largest IoT hub, envisaging Glasgow becoming a leader in the development of industrial, lifestyle, health, and sustainability technologies with up to 100 companies operating by the end of the year.

I cannot overstate the invaluable financial and strategic support we’ve received from Federated Hermes and Skypark. Their £2.5m investment in ‘thebeyond’ underscores their dedication to creating an environment where emerging technologies can flourish and revolutionise industries.

“Through access to STAC’s prototyping lab and Skypark’s comprehensive facilities, Nudge Innovations, one of the companies in our cohort, has rapidly advanced its growth trajectory. Now headquartered at the Finnieston campus, it’s on the verge of launching its inaugural product. With mentorship from STAC’s industry-led programme, STAC Scale, Nudge have expedited their journey to market. Contributions from STAC sponsors Pivot International and Eurofins, alongside founding partners Filament PD & BODE Studio, have been instrumental in this progress.”

“STAC’s expansion into ‘thebeyond’, will take acceleration to the next level. A thriving hub for innovation and collaboration, ‘thebeyond’ will include a cutting-edge facility featuring a fully furnished electronics lab, fabrication lab, and R&D maker-space. As well as a co-working space, event space, and media lab.”

Gregor AikmanCo-founder and COO of STAC

Skypark’s Strategic Lettings Advisor, Angela Higgins of Resonance Capital, said: “We have increased our focus in technology at Skypark and this investment in ‘thebeyond’ underlines its significance for the sector. Drawing on Federated Hermes’ extensive urban placemaking expertise, we have nurtured STAC to enable the launch of ‘thebeyond’ Europe’s biggest IoT facility where emerging technologies can thrive and transform industries. This investment is unique and highlights Finnieston as an excellent location for the technology sector and high growth, independent SMEs. We offer the total package of a quality environment and location, wellbeing and first-class amenities as well as opportunities for social connection and collaboration within a diverse business community.”

Christina Holland, Senior Investment Manager, Federated Hermes Real Estate, added:  “We are proud to continue our support for Skypark, which goes from strength to strength as it builds on its growing reputation as a home for the most innovative businesses in the UK. The challenges we face today – be they economic, environmental, or technological – will require innovative solutions, and ‘thebeyond’ at Skypark is perfectly poised to continue leading the way.”

A 10 year lease has been agreed and ‘thebeyond’ will open shortly in two suites in Skypark extending to around 20,000 sq ft. Joint letting agents Ryden and JLL acted for Skypark in the completion of the deal.