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Art Exhibition: ‘The World Animal Map’ by Hoko Design

01 January, 1970

‘The World Animal Map’ exhibition showcasing the wonderful diversity of animals by their country of origin, from the African Okapi to the Aye Aye of Madagascar, is coming soon to Skypark!

The brainchild of part two architect and artist Danny Campbell, the ‘World Animal Map’ collection was inspired by his placement in Twycross Zoo. Danny says: “The Zoo is famous for housing the PG Tips chimpanzees along with an extensive collection of primates and other species and I spent time there as an architectural technician involved in the enclosure design of a variety of exhibits.”

He continues: “I’ve always had an interest in nature, architecture and art but my time at Twycross gave me the opportunity to explore these interests in a professional capacity. Whilst my job was in the construction and design of new enclosures I was drawn to the art gallery at the Zoo and planned to create my own pieces of work.”

Daniel explains the inspiration behind the stunning and unusual art collection. He says: “It’s a conceptual artwork of a world map with obscure and little-known animals located in their geographical location such as Mongolia’s Saiga and Brazil’s Spectacled bear. This required a huge amount of research to accurately place the different species and create the silhouettes to make the outlines. ‘The World Animal Map’ was successfully funded as a project on Kickstarter in 2016 and a range of other locations are now underway.

“My latest project highlights our native species within a merged landscape typical of their habitat. The overall aim of the pieces is to explore how intertwined a natural landscape may be to the species that live there and the fragility of this relationship.

“I’ve been blown away by its success and I hope that people of all ages at Skypark will enjoy seeing ‘The World Animal Map’ collection as they work.”

‘The World Animal Map’ exhibition opens in May 2017 in Skypark 1. Prints are available to buy on website/social media and at the May site social. Watch this space.