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Tara Rokpa Healing & Relaxation Class

01 January, 1970

Nicola Maule will be offering a 6 week in person group Tara Rokpa Healing Relaxation class to the residents of Skypark, Glasgow. 

It starts at 6pm on Tuesday 30th August and each session lasts 1 and 1/2 hours.

What is Healing Relaxation and how can it help you?

For many years I have integrating Healing Relaxation into my life – the initial stages of a method very carefully developed by Dr Akong Rinpoche, a Tibetan doctor and Buddhist teacher.

Tara Rokpa Therapy is one aspect of Dr Akong Rinpoche’s vast compassionate activity and is based on the principle that the human mind carries its own dignity and healing capacity which can never be permanently damaged or destroyed. No one is a stranger to momentary experiences of calmness, stillness and tranquillity. However, for a calm state of mind to become a stable part of our day to day experience, relaxation and awareness practices are generally thought to be helpful. 

This is a stand-alone course presenting a series of exercises where the benefits of developing calmer states of mind and body are explored and experienced. Although the basis of these exercises originate from a Buddhist perspective, all are welcome regardless of your faith and beliefs.  I am very fortunate to have received guidance from Akong Rinpoche during his life and very happy that I am able to share these exercises with others. 

The course itself comprises of exercises that will aid the connection of mind and body, including some guided relaxation and visualisation and also a little gentle self massage.

To learn more about the lineage of these exercises and the work of Tara Rokpa Therapy you can visit:

Visit the website for further details and to book:

Nicola can also offer group or one-to-one classes, online or in-person, at a time to suit you or your business. Contact Nicola for further information.