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Meet the artists

01 January, 1970

iPhone artist Riel Noir exhibits works inspired by her residency in India, together with Sujith who worked for social enterprise project, We Make Wonders.

Meet Riel and Sujith (on live feed from India) as they discuss the project and resulting work. Come and enjoy a complimentary drink and browse the artwork!

For the past five years Riel Noir has created work solely within the realms of Mobile Photography employing her iPhone as camera and editing the resulting photos on her iPad, drawing from a wealth of Apps which have been introduced to this medium, to create unique works of art.

Riel’s new exhibition Dreamscape is the result of the artist’s residency in India, that offered a unique collaboration with We Make Wonders, a social enterprise project that will also feature wall hangings by South Indian artist Sujith, that have been created by iPhone artwork and printed onto textiles.

Riel Noir said, “It all began when We Make Wonders got in touch, having viewed my iPhone art Facebook page. I was invited to India to develop the mobile photography of five artists, employed by We Make Wonders who offered mobile photography workshops, as part of the project’s reach out to schools.  We Make Wonders sent Sujith along with the project’s other four artists, to wealthy schools to teach mobile photography for a fee.  For each paid workshop, the team offer the same workshop free of charge to a state school providing education to the children of the economically impoverished. It gives me pleasure to offer Sujith a chance to exhibit for the first time, as he shows great promise as an artist.”

Riel graduated from Fine Art Photography BA(Hons) at the Glasgow School of Art and exhibited extensively throughout the UK and in Copenhagen with solo exhibitions in Edinburgh, Copenhagen, Glasgow and London.

Sujith is an artist from Tiripur, South India and studied in BSc Animation. Before joining We Make Wonders, his art was mostly made by hand. He works in textile design and comments upon environmental issues; concerned about the lack of clean water in many areas, and how man continues to pollute his habitat.

Angela Higgins of Resonance Capital, Skypark’s specialist asset adviser, said: “Riel Noir’s exhibition is at the cutting edge of where art and technology meet. It’s great to be able to give Sujith’s and Riel’s work a platform that will appeal to people here. We are major supporters of the arts scene and are inviting other artists to get in touch with their exhibition ideas.”

Dreamscape exhibition is free and will run from 20th September to the 2nd November in Skypark 1 between 8am to 10pm. To view more artwork and photos, please visit:

To find out more about Skypark’s gallery space please contact Lisa.