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Outcomes Beyond Performance

01 January, 1970

Space Meets Art in our latest exhibition led by Holly Knox Yeoman for her Skypark and Glasgow School Of Art Curatorial Fellowship 2019. Expect a series of live performance exhibitions inspired by on-site data and satellite company Spire, an interactive coffee fountain, and the unveiling of a permanent perspex collage in the foyer. A drinks reception will be held at 1pm and 5pm please feel free to come and meet Holly and the artists.

Here is a rundown of timing of events on the day:

1.00 pm – Christopher Croucher’s  live dance performance – Pathways of Facilitation (from 1pm, on the hour every hour till 7pm)Two dancers using their observations of the ritualistic behaviour of tenant’s based at Skypark, to explore the patterns we create and what happens when those pathways become blocked.

1.30 pm – Roberta Howson-Janes’ interactive coffee-fountain (three performances – 1:30pm, 5pm and 6:45pm). The work is inspired by society and the workplaces’ obsession with coffee.  Roberta presents a performative coffee fountain from our future keeping Skypark tenants and exhibition visitors stocked up on fuel.

7.00 pm – Katerina Sidorova’s Outcomes Beyond Performance toast. The ideas behind Katerina’s utopian artwork are brought to life through her performance ‘We’ve Made it. The Launch Toast’, inviting the audience to raise a glass to the successes of Outcomes Beyond Performance.

The exhibition and performance event will also see the launch of the Outcomes Beyond Performance book, featuring creative writing responses from the student artists and invited workshop artists.