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Reset Your Health Info Session

01 January, 1970

Got a health or weight problem? Find out more about the health reset program with Catherine Walker – a qualified herbalist and nutritional adviser specialising in digestive, hormone, weight and skin issues.  Catherine is also author of the most read book for women PMT-Reversing the Curse and has authored many papers on diet, gut health and the mental health connection, autism, the gut as and other autoimmune conditions in relation to mental health.

As part of your health reset consultation a hair mineral test is carried out by a clinical laboratory – the only certified clinical laboratory licensed to carry out medical testing and used by doctors and other practitioners all over the USA and Europe. This generates a patient report showing all patterns of balance and imbalance within the body, problematic foods, existing and potential health concerns; supplements to avoid and those needed based on the reading from the hair mineral analysis.

The test, full doctors report and follow up consultation is offered at a reduced rate for Skypark based employees.

Meet Catherine in Skypark 1 Reception for a drop-in information session. A hair mineral test sample can be taken on the day.

Feeling tired all the time? Difficulty losing weight? Brain fog? Disrupted sleep? Low libido? Low Mood? Anxiousness? Muscle cramps? Joint pains? Unexplained skin, hair & nail issues? PMT & menstrual problems? Behaviour changes? Digestive issues?

Fed up trying things that don’t work and ready for something that really does?

Contact Catherine by email or call 07842 821926.