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Strange Weather at Skypark

01 January, 1970


We’re delighted to announce the launch of our first Skypark Curatorial Fellowship with The Glasgow School of Art (GSA) – the first initiative of its kind for the GSA Curatorial practice graduates, that will invest in the emergence of graduates from academic study to professional practice – a natural progression of our long association since housing the School of Design here, during a campus redevelopment and as a corporate partner of the GSA Degree Show.

The Fellowship will give early-career opportunities to five Glasgow-based curators in a bid to support and nurture future artistic talent in Scotland.

The first exhibition is curated by Rosie O’Grady, who presents Strange Weather, a curatorial research project, based around a proposal for a new gallery which materialises only when climate or resources permit. The gallery operates with environmental values at its core and in the first instance is a hypothetical exercise in imagining such a space. It creates a framework in which to ask questions about the response and responsibility of arts organisations to our rapidly changing global environment.

The Donated Gallery at Skypark provides an opportunity to enact and test these principles alongside Fine Art students at Glasgow School of Art, Johanna Saunderson and Eleni Wittbrodt, who will explore how their work could be part of the new programme. This learning and process will be made public throughout the exhibition programme. The participation of students in this project is supported by GSA Sustainability.

Johanna is interested in the speculative nature of Strange Weather at Skypark. Her recent work has focussed on ideas of futurity and deep time, as well as considering how we can utilise storytelling for imagining new worlds. She has previously located work in contexts such as the business district of San Francisco and the Musselburgh Ash lagoons, and she enlists environmental and social values, and an ecological awareness in her practice.

Eleni combines photographic and sculptural approaches in her practice. She is interested in opening up photographic processes and apparatus, and her work is an aggregate of sorting, noting, copying and transforming. For her work “As a lover or a chameleon” (2018), Eleni spent a whole summer copying a book by RH Quaytman which had run out of print. She used the process of the cyanotype, which relies on UV light, spending every sunny day in the studio, imprinting one page after the other until she had completed a copy of the book.

» Come along to Skypark 1 Reception on Tuesday 19th March – meet Rosie, Johanna and Eleni and find out how you can get involved – 12:30 – 1:30pm. Complimentary refreshments available.



Drop-in session every Tuesday lunchtime

12:30pm – 1:30pm, 19th March – 7th May
Meet at Skypark 1 Reception

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