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The Royal Photographic Society Exhibition

01 January, 1970

The Royal Photographic Society has opened its Scottish Annual Exhibition 2022 at Skypark. The collection of work by 35 of the Society’s members, captures all walks of life through a lens when travel was limited.

Under the banner ‘Photography for Everyone’, The Royal Photographic Society embraces all forms of photographic practice and is open to anyone with an interest in photography. 

A spokesperson for The Royal Photographic Society said: “This exhibition, by members of the Society in Scotland, shows a range of images selected by the members, illustrating the variety and quality of their photographic interests. Mostly produced in the last 12 months, when much of their normal travel and associations were limited, many have explored new skills and subjects. 

“The RPS offers many opportunities to develop as a photographer and interact with others. Most of these opportunities are open to all and range from the chance to have your work considered for major exhibitions to applying to receive funding for your next photographic project. If you are interested in photography, please contact David Ferguson by email on”.

Skypark’s Strategic Lettings Advisor, Angela Higgins of Resonance Capital said: “The work of  The Royal Photographic Society is inspirational, and we are  delighted to welcome the exhibition to Skypark, where the photographers get the chance to exhibit beyond a traditional gallery space.  We encourage anyone that wants to exhibit here to get in touch by contacting” 

Catalogue of Images – Click Here Exhibition Dates – Click Here