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Wild Fig Breakfast Pop-up

01 January, 1970

We are very excited to have Justin Maule from Wild Fig (you may recognise him from his regular slot on STV’s Live at Five) popping up in Skypark 5, serving up breakfast for all you lucky Skyparkers!

We’ll be trialling this pop-up for 3 days – Tuesday 15th, Wednesday 16th and Friday 18th May – from 7am to 10am


PORRIDGE (v) (vg)                                                    2
TOPPINGS:                                                                0.5

  • brown sugar and cream (v)
  • banana and honey (v)
  • sultanas and pumpkin seeds (vg)
  • peanut butter and chocolate chips (v)

NATURAL YOGURT (v)                                               1
TOPPINGS:                                                                0.5

  • pineapple and toasted coconut (vg)
  • granola and honey (v)
  • mango puree and banana (vg)
  • kiwi and passion fruit coulis (vg)

MUFFINS (v)                                                                  2

  • sticky banana
  • blueberry

PASTRIES (v)                                                                 2

  • croissant, butter, jam
  • cinnamon swirl
  • pain au chocolate


  • breakfast punch                                             1
  • selection of tea                                               1.5
  • aero press – OVENBIRD coffee                 2
  • NITRO cold brew coffee                               2.5
  • KOMBUCHA lychee and lavender             3