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Glasgow Artist Rothnie Unleashes ‘Free Spirit’ Exhibition

News Release: 16 September 2021

Skypark, one of Scotland’s premier business locations, has announced the opening of ‘Free Spirit’ a therapeutic art exhibition of bright and colourful paintings by a Glasgow-based Artist Rothnie. The exhibition is the artist’s biggest exhibition of work in over 25 years, highlighting climate change that will run to 31 December 2021. 

“Regal Bear portrait is symbolic of the battle we are fighting with climate change and pollution“ 

With the installation adorning Skypark’s donated gallery walls, ‘Free Spirit’ enabled Artist Rothnie to channel her energy to feel free during the pandemic. She said: “Exhibiting at Skypark is my first real opportunity to show my work to a wider audience. After 25 years raising my family, I’m exploding onto the Glasgow art scene and Skypark has the largest selection of works in one place.

“My influences range from the layers and colours of graffiti and street art to the patterns and symbols of traditional art of indigenous peoples across the world. I use my art as a vehicle to express and understand my feelings, pouring myself into them like a form of therapy.

“My painting ‘Regal Bear’, is a portrait of a polar bear that I feel is symbolic of the battle we are fighting with climate change and pollution and relevant in the lead up to COP26 in Glasgow. While climate change remains the greatest threat to the polar bear’s survival, the oil and gas industry is currently turning its eyes to the arctic and with that comes the potential risks of further habitat destruction from the oil exploration work. The black human hand print symbolises mans’ presence and the open palm gesture to stop and consider our actions”.

A long-standing supporter of Scottish arts programmes – including Glasgow International, Arts and Business and Skypark Curatorial Fellowship 2019 in partnership with the Glasgow School of Art – Skypark’s donated gallery was established in 2011 featuring work by Lesley Banks, Damien Shields and Original Comic Artwork by DC Thomson. Skypark Sessions  a new music pathway will see live streamed sessions with Blue Rose Code, The Wild Places, Rebekah Kirk, Mt Doubt, Findlay Napier and Daniel Meade, giving new live music exposure and promotional collateral at a time when the industry is trying to get back to normal. 

Skypark’s strategic lettings advisor Angela Higgins of Resonance Capital said: “Rothnie’s work is inspired and captures the moment as we begin to see the return of our City’s vibrant arts scene and a return to work in the office. Alongside #skyparksessions that support the Scottish music industry, our donated gallery adds a vital contribution to culture with a chance to see and celebrate Scottish talent as we open up again.”