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Launch Foods sends appeal to Scotland’s business community for support

Skypark and Contractor Community pull together to feed Glasgow’s children.

Craig Johnson of Launch Foods, has highlighted the Skypark business community and its’ team of contractors that have given help and is sending an urgent appeal to the wider business community to give their support.  The Skypark team has donated space and hundreds of hours, cash and a vehicle to turn around a working kitchen in a week – so as Launch Foods can feed Glasgow’s children over the summer and beyond. 

Launch Foods, a not-for-profit enterprise provides over 7,500 meals over the summer holidays and beyond to feed the City’s primary school children in communities that need it most. It sets out to solve the issue of food surplus going to waste, by prepping 350 free children’s meals every day. Over the summer, Launch is working with the charity Achieve More Scotland, that run sports activities, by producing healthy nutritious free food for the kids participating in these free events.

Craig Johnson who runs Launch Foods said, “Thanks to the support of the Skypark community and for our donated kitchen space and providing utilities and also to the team of 14 contractors who donated a week of their time for free to help get us set up.  Thank you to Marshalls, Hart Lifts, C Hanlon, NWH, Workman, VQ, Rapid Fire, WM Solutions, Image Systems, Diamond, HS Ltd, Abernethy, AKP, Technidoor.

“I am now urgently appealing to all of Scotland’s businesses to dig deep and give what help they can – whether it’s sponsorship, to donating cash or holding a fund raising  event – every penny will go to sustain the project to feed Scotland’s children. The more money Launch Foods generates, the more kids we can feed – it’s as simple as that. If anyone feels they would like to help or donate or fund raise, they will be doing something to help feed kids in Scotland. Kids you pass in the street, kids many of you will know. Its Scotland’s kids and they shouldn’t be going hungry.

“Over the summer, Launch Food’s shiny silver food truck is working with Achieve More Scotland providing in excess of 7500 meals feeding our kids that need it most. Beyond this, we will feed kids after their school day. Launch is a 365 day operation; it is not just for holiday hunger.

Craig finishes, “We ask suppliers to donate surplus food from which we create a menu of delicious treats that kids love, such as burgers, chicken wraps, smoothies and pasta. Scottish kids were consulted on the types of food they’d like to eat and even created some of the smoothie recipes. All the food on the menu is healthy, packed with (sneakily hidden) vegetables, and is low in fat and salt.  We even make our own healthy ketchup. In line with the socially conscious cause, all of the packaging is compostable and biodegradable.”

Lisa Kirsop of Resonance Capital, who handles marketing and tenant services on behalf of Skypark added: “Thanks to our Skypark  community and contractors who have pulled together to help Launch Foods feed Glasgow’s children. Our community will continue to support Launch Foods, so as they can carry on feeding children in the communities that need it most  throughout the year.”

If you or your business could provide some support through either sponsorship or fundraising, please contact Craig Johnson by email: or