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New EV Chargers on-site

With so many people now choosing to drive electric vehicles, Skypark are delighted to announce our new electric car charging points are now operational!

There are 8 bays that provide EV charging points for employees and visitors, located in the Visitor Car Park at the top level of the multi-storey car park.

Charger details:

  • 2x 7.3kw AC Type 2
  • 2x 22kw AC Type 2
  • 4x 40kw DC CCS 2

How to Book Your EV charger

The current cost is 40p per kw.

To use a charger, please book a space by contacting our Reception Team by email or call 0141 221 5164. (In app booking will be available soon).

On the side of each charger is instructions and a QR code that will prompt you to download the ProjectEV app. Follow the instructions on the app to start charging.

Please note: There is an idle fee grace period of 20 minutes. After this time you will be charged 5p per minute if your car remains in the space. Please remove your car to avoid getting over-charged and to allow others to use the space.

Why We Added Vehicle Chargers at Skypark Office Units

Skypark provides office spaces for all businesses whether you’re looking to lease furnished, unfurnished or blank canvas office units,we cater for all businesses, we are renowned for being a  forward-thinking office space businessx, so, it was only natural the we revolutionising the way you commute with our cutting-edge EV charging infrastructure. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the workplace, empowering you to embrace eco-friendly transportation solutions effortlessly.

When you arrive at our offices you will find the EV charging stations located on the top level our Visitor car park, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of power during your workday. Whether you’re arriving for a meeting, starting your shift, or simply dropping by, our charging stations are conveniently positioned to accommodate your needs.

Designed for efficiency and convenience, our charging stations feature state-of-the-art technology, ensuring rapid charging speeds and seamless user experience. Monitor your charging progress with ease through intuitive interfaces, allowing you to optimise your time while your vehicle powers up.