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PARK XR: Transforming Skypark into a Dynamic Art Playground

Earlier this summer, an exciting new project, PARK XR, transformed the vacant site at Skypark 7 into a vibrant hub of artistic expression. Located between Finnieston Street and Exhibition Centre train station, this innovative collaboration between Yardworks and Skypark turned a 43,000 sq ft area into a unique playground blending street art and contemporary art.

Led by Yardworks, SWG3’s globally acclaimed street arts and graffiti programme, PARK XR showcased large-scale canvases made from shipping containers that had been painted during this year’s Yardworks Festival. The project officially opened to the public on 14th June and ran until 30th June, featuring commissioned artists who created stunning murals and inventive art displays. This fusion of street art and contemporary art blurred artistic boundaries and infused the area with vibrant cultural energy.

The transformation began with the return of the Yardworks Festival or its sixth edition.  It turned SWG3’s expansive indoor and outdoor spaces into a colourful spectacle. Thousands of visitors witnessed live art creation and participated in a variety of workshops and activities.

Following the Festival, the painted shipping containers were relocated to Skypark, ready to be repurposed for PARK XR. A selection of Yardworks artists were invited to reimagine these containers, incorporating augmented and virtual reality elements. Digital artists added layers to the freshly painted containers, which could be activated using smartphones, merging the latest technology with physical artworks.

This integration of digital street art offered audiences an innovative way to engage with art. Virtual reality murals and augmented reality overlays brought new dimensions to the artworks, showcasing the rapid evolution of digital street art as a medium for transforming urban spaces.

The University of Glasgow played a significant role in supporting this project by providing access to their advanced XR facilities. This collaboration enabled digital artists to experiment with cutting-edge technology in their creative processes.

Gary McKay, Yardworks Studio Director, expressed excitement about the partnership and its potential to introduce vibrant and dynamic artworks to Glasgow. Reflecting on the success of the Yardworks Festival, he shared, “We’ve just had the most successful Yardworks yet and cannot wait to show the city the next trick up our sleeve. Digital street art opens up endless avenues for exploration, expression, and engagement with street and graffiti arts.”

Angela Higgins, Skypark’s Strategic Lettings Advisor from Resonance Capital, highlighted the transformative impact of this new collaboration with SWG3. She remarked, “Our new collaboration with SWG3 will transform Skypark 7, an outdoor unused space, into a vibrant street gallery, redefining, celebrating, and inviting people to enjoy the space and all that Finnieston has to offer. As long-standing patrons of the city’s art scene and in collaboration with Glasgow International and The Glasgow School of Art, this new initiative celebrates the spirit of human connection, embracing diverse ideas and our role in the community.”

Throughout the project’s duration, each weekend offered a programme of workshops and activities led by artists. These sessions provided opportunities for the public to learn more about street art, graffiti, and digital art. Additionally, Invisible Cities conducted informative tours of the artworks, deepening the community’s engagement with the creative expressions on display.

PARK XR was a testament to the power of art and technology to transform spaces and connect people, leaving a lasting impression on all who visited.