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Masks for Scotland, a charity spearheaded by Jill Belch, Professor of Vascular Medicine at the University of Dundee in Scotland, has announced the launch of an urgent fundraising plea to the public and businesses to urgently donate what they can now and help provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), to those working in the frontline of the community in Scotland during this fight against Coronavirus.  In just a few days, the Charity has raised over £40k towards its £160k fundraising target.   

In addition, Angela Higgins fundraiser for the Charity is co-coordinating a volunteer logistics effort to ensure that PPE is distributed throughout Scotland to frontline staff and is calling for volunteers to get in touch.

Medical staff working without PPE – Gowns, Gloves and Masks – is like soldiers going to war without bullet proof vests”, said Jill Belch, Professor of Vascular Medicine at the University of Dundee. Professor Belch continued: “There is not enough PPE here in Scotland for our medical staff. We have a reputable supplier of Gowns, Masks and Gloves which meet the standards required for the NHS and offer the highest level of protection. This is what our staff deserves. 

“There is a limited amount of PPE in Scotland and it is prioritised for staff working in Intensive Care, this leaves many community staff, such as GPs, Community Nurses, Ambulance Staff, Carers and Social Workers, less well protected, even though they are the ones coming into our homes to assist us if we are too unwell to get to a hospital.

 “The peak of Coronavirus is predicted to hit over the next two weeks in Scotland. In the meantime, our frontline staff are treating patients who are contagious but not showing symptoms. 23% of those admitted to hospital in Italy were medical staff who contracted Covid-19 while doing their job. We are already seeing the deaths of doctors and nurses here in the UK. This can be avoided. We need every medical professional to stay fit and healthy to help keep you fit and healthy. Whatever you can give, nothing is too small and 100% of money donated goes directly to getting the necessary PPE to our invaluable community frontline staff. This is an urgent appeal.  £15 buys a gown and a mask and £100 protects 6 medical staff a day. Please donate what you can now by following the link Thank you.”

A logistics effort is being coordinated on behalf of Masks for Scotland by fundraiser Angela Higgins who added: “In addition to the Charity’s £160k fundraising effort, we are appealing for volunteers that can take part in a logistics effort to help deliver masks, gowns and gloves to our hospitals across Scotland.  Please get touch by contacting “.

The Government is increasing the supply of PPE and this campaign exists not in competition with the Government but in support and will help to increase the amount of PPE reaching the front line here in Scotland.

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