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Skypark Saves Local School Trip!

A trip to Auchengillan Outdoor Centre is to go ahead thanks to fundraising help from Resonance Capital and Skypark and the ingenuity of a school pupil attending St Patrick’s Primary School, Glasgow.

Realising that the cost of the trip had risen, Ya Shi a primary 7 pupil at St Patrick’s Primary School, wrote to businesses including Skypark and Resonance Capital,  its specialist lettings advisor to ask for fundraising help so as every pupil could attend the trip. 

Located in the West End of Glasgow, Michael Miley, teacher at St Patrick’s Primary School said: “Our annual trip to Auchengillan Outdoor Centre  is an opportunity for primary 7 pupils to enjoy activities,  grow in confidence and cement friendships. Unfortunately, with increased costs it has become much more expensive and became unaffordable. One of our pupils Ya Shi, had the idea of writing to local business to ask for help. Thanks to Angela Higgins of Resonance Capital who donated £2000 which means a full class of 23 children can now take part”. 

Skypark’s strategic lettings advisor Angela Higgins of Resonance Capital that also supports many charities said: “Hats off to the letter writing ingenuity of Ya Shi of St Patrick’s Primary School, Glasgow!  Taking part at the Auchengillan Outdoor Centre is a wonderful opportunity for children to enjoy great activities. I am delighted that every pupil can be included in the trip and hope that everyone has a great experience!”

Resonance Capital is actively involved in the community with Glasgow’s Number 1 Baby & Family Support Service and Masks for Scotland, the charity spearheaded by Professor Jill Belch that raised over £400k to provide PPE for those working in the frontline during the pandemic. Angela has raised over £40k for Cash for Kids and Finding Your Feet through fundraising events, and assisted in forming 50 new clubs, from cycling and skiing to wellbeing for amputees.

Resourceful pupil helps save school trip | Glasgow West End Today